Physical and chemical properties (w/v)

Nitrogen (N) 27%

Phosphorus (P2O5) 27%

Potassium (K2O) 27%


  • Fertilizer that nourishes plants in the form of a homogeneous suspension, produced from pure raw materials, and does not cause sediment in irrigation systems
  • Free of chlorine and sodium
  • Economical because it contains a high concentration of nutrients, ensuring the use of less fertilizer
  • Suitable for use in various irrigation systems, drip irrigation, foliar spray
  • Mixability with fertilizers and other agricultural products
  • Its low acidity rate affects the pH in the soil, which enhances the absorption of nutrients
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of production

Application Rates:


Soil application

Foliar application

Field crops


200-400gm\200liter of water each 7-10 days

Fruit trees



1-2kg\house each 7-10 days

field vegetables

2-3 kg\1000m2

Flowers and ornamentals

1-2 gm\1 liter each 7-10 days



Ugarit 27-27-27

Fertilizer containing a balanced ratio of the three main elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ready for absorption by the plant.

  • Ideal for crops with gradual maturity that need vegetative growth and bear flowers and fruits at the same time
  • Contains the nitrogen needed by the plant in the process of building amino acids to build protein and in the process of photosynthesis and energy conversion processes
  • Contains the necessary phosphorus to support the root system to support the formation of strong plants, and promote flowering growth and fruit setting
  • Contains potassium necessary for its effect on the nutrition process and the transfer of elements in general, raising the efficiency of photosynthesis and in controlling the water content of the plant
  • It helps in correcting the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies when it is not possible to determine the cause of the deficiency
  • Its use leads to increased plant tolerance and resistance to unsuitable conditions (frost, drought, …)