Chemical composition
Total nitrogen N    25%
Phosphorus (P2O5)    25%
Potassium (K2O)    25%

Plant fertilizer in the form of a homogeneous suspension produced from pure raw materials, and does not cause deposits in irrigation systems
Free chlorine and sodium
Economical because it contains a high concentration of nutrients, ensuring that less fertilizer is used
Suitable for use in different irrigation systems, drip irrigation, and foliar spray
Ability to mix with fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals
Low acidity, that decrease the pH of the soil, which enhances the absorption of lot of nutrients
Increase the quantity and quality of production

Application Rates:




Field crops

2-3 Kg / 1000 m2

200-400 g / 200 liter

Fruit Trees

50-100 g / Tree


2-3Kg / 1000 m2

under cover Vegetables

2-3 Kg / greenhouse 500 m2


2-3 Kg / 1000 m2


1-2 grams / 1 liter of irrigation water

Ugarit 25-25-25
Rich with balanced ratio of the three main elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that ready for absorption by plant.
Used as a fertilizer for the plant in general, for all phases of plant life, from germination to harvesting
Ideal for crops with gradual ripening that have vegetative growth, flowering, and fruit development at the same time  
Contains nitrogen that plant needs in the amino acid building process to build protein and in photosynthesis process, energy transformation processes.
Contains phosphorous necessary to support the root system and that encourage strong plants, and promotes flower growth and fruit set
Contains potassium necessary for its effect on the nutrition process and the transfer of elements in general and raising the efficiency of photosynthesis and in controlling the water content of the plant
Helps correct symptoms of nutrient deficiency when unable to determine the cause of the deficiency
Use leads to increased plant tolerance and resistance to inappropriate conditions (frost, drought, …)
Used for all crops including open field and green house Vegetables, field crops, fruit crops, ornamentals and turf.
Compatible with most pesticides used in vegetables fruits and field crops. However, it should not be mixed with alkaline materials, and for all mixes with chemicals the best is to do a small trial before use on a large scale.

Keep out of reach of children
Note: Do not undertake foliar spray, when crops are under drought or water stress conditions. Spray only in early morning or evening hours.

Storage:  can be stored under unopened condition in original container. Opened packing should be resealed after its use.