A special liquid formula for grapes crop containing a unique synthetically technology, and chemically, that raises the production quantity and raises the concentration of the sugar in fruits.

It is used in the final stages of ripeness, it leads to early ripening and improved fruit coloration

compound specially made to stimulate and improve the coloring of grape crops as a substitute for the use of other traditional coloring compounds (Atheril) that increase the phenomenon of excess grape grains, which reduces the export value of the crop

Guarantee highest yield, with high class specifications and a longer storage life

Contains microelements, including zinc, which increases the biological processes of oxins and reduces the percentage of hyperthyroidism. It also has a role in reducing black arm infection. In addition to magnesium, which works to raise the efficiency of leaves in photosynthesis

Activates enzymes and production of carotenoids and vitamin C (scorpic acid) by the presence of manganes.

Warning: It is not used by irrigation and does not apply to any other crop

Mixability: It is preferable not to mix it with any other substance to avoid affecting the properties of the material. 

Keep out of reach of children

Note: Do not undertake foliar spray, when crops are under drought or water stress conditions. Spray only in early morning or evening hours.

Storage:  can be stored under unopened condition in original container. Opened packing should be resealed after its use.

Chemical composition

Copper (Cu)

1.5 %

Magnesium (Mg)

0.5 %

Manganese (Mn)

0.5 %


0.5 %


Liquid Plant fertilizer produced from pure raw materials

Free chlorine and sodium

Increase the quantity and quality of production

Designed for application by foliar spray and irrigation system

Application Rates:

Foliar application from 10% begin coloring, rate 2/1000 (0.4 Liter /200 Liter)

Re spray one more time  with 5-7 day interval