Physical and chemical properties (w/v)

Potassium (K2O): 30%

Sulfur (S): 32%

Calcium (CaO): 10%



  • Fertilizer that nourishes plants in the form of a homogeneous suspension produced from pure raw materials, and does not cause sediment in irrigation systems
  • Free of chlorine and sodium
  • produced for foliar application, high absorption speed through leaves

usage rates


Time of application

Soil application

Foliar application


Twice (Vegetative – Maturity) stages

3 Kg / Feddan

100 gm / 100 Lt

Fruit trees

3 Times (Vegetative – setting – Maturity) stages

3 Kg / Feddan

125 gm / 100 Lt

Field crops

3 Times (Vegetative – setting – Maturity) stages

3 Kg / Feddan

100 gm / 100 Lt


Twice (Vegetative – Maturity) stages

1.5-3 Kg / Feddan

75 gm / 100 Lt

Flowers and ornamentals

Twice (Vegetative – Maturity) stages

1.5 Kg / Feddan

60 gm / 100 Lt


Suspension product that contains a unique technology, industrially and chemically, specially made to enhance productivity per unit area with an increase in the quality specifications of crops.

  • Contains both potassium and calcium in the form of thiosulfate
  • It contains a high percentage of calcium, which helps the plant to produce fruits that are suitable for transportation and storage.

It also reduces the percentage of physiological problems, and thus reduces the percentage of Fruits falling and crop loss.

  • It contains a high percentage of potassium, which works to transfer sugars and nutrients from the leaves to the fruits, which increases the yield quantitatively and qualitatively.

It is also important for water absorption, as it controls the osmotic pressure function.

  • Contains a percentage of the sulfur element, which is involved in the synthesis and formation of vitamins and proteins. It also helps to convert nitrates by reducing them to amino acids.
  • It is used for all crops of vegetables and fruits
  • Helps not to drop the fruits after setting