Physical and chemical properties (w/v)

Phosphorus (P2O5) 20%

Potassium (K2O) 25%



  • Fertilizer that nourishes plants in the form of a homogeneous liquid produced from pure raw materials, and does not cause sediment in irrigation systems
  • Free of chlorine and sodium
  • produced for foliar application and can be added through different irrigation systems.
  • High absorption speed through the leaves

Application Rates:

Foliar application from the flowering period until the end of the season at a rate of 2 per thousand (0.4 liters / 200 liters).

Repeat application every 7-10 days

  • A specialized formula for the strawberry crop that contains a high concentration of phosphorus and potassium, due to the strawberry’s craving for nutrients
  • Leads to enhance the fertility of seedlings, strong and healthy growth, and high efficiency in production
  • It improves the transfer of sugars and starch in the fruits and enhance the formation of new branches and stimulates flowering
  • It is used in different stages of growth, from the start of flowering and during the production period
  • Ensuring the highest possible yield with high variety specifications and a longer shelf life