Photosynthetic microorganisms
Rhodopseudomonas palustris    
Lactic acid bacteria
Lactobacillus casei    
Saccharomyces cerevisiae    

Natural Bio stimulant consisting of combined effective and beneficial live microbes, that available in nature and has beneficial effect produced with a natural process each microorganism has its own beneficial role in nutrient cycling, plant protection and soil health and fertility enrichment.

Application Rates:


No. of sprays


Field crops


30 day after sawing and 20 days interval



20 day After transplant , 15 days interval

Fruit Trees


1.     After bud opening

2.     Within blooming

3.     After fruit sett and throw fruit growth

4.     Before repining



Every 15 days

Fertigation :



 Field crops Vegetables.

1 L/ 1000M2

Fruit Trees

5 L/ 1000M2

These Microorganisms release enzymes that break down complex organic matters
These Microorganisms secrete acids that dissolve mineral elements and rock phosphate salts
It secretes some chelating substances that provide the plant with iron absorption
Improving the soil texture by grouping its granules together
helps stabilize the air
destroy and brake toxic materials
formation complex compounds of heavy elements in the soil and thus prevent their absorption by the plant
Used for all crops including open field and green house Vegetables, field crops, fruit crops, ornamentals and turf.
Compatible with most organic products used in vegetables fruits and field crops. However, it should not be mixed with acid and alkaline materials, and for all mixes with chemicals the best is to do a small trial before use on a large scale.

Note: Do not undertake foliar spray, when crops are under drought or water stress conditions. Spray only in early morning or evening hours.

Storage:  can be stored under unopened condition in original container. Opened packing should be resealed after its use.