Chemical composition

Total nitrogen (N)

12 %

Phosphorus (P2O5)

12 %

Potassium (K2O)

12 %

Humic Acid

24 %

Fulvic Acid

24 %

Calcium (CaO)

2  %

Sulfur (S)

4 %

Free chlorine and sodium

Suitable for use in different land irrigation systems, specially drip irrigation

Application Rates:



Field crops

1-2 Kg / 1000 m2

Fruit Trees

2-3 Kg / 1000 m2


1-2Kg / 1000 m2

under cover Vegetables

05-1 Kg / greenhouse 500 m2


0.5-1 Kg / 1000 m2


0.5-1 grams / 1 liter of irrigation water

Nutritious compound stimulates rapid growth, helps in plant Development in general

Contains high and balanced ratio of the three main Macro elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash) in addition to high content of calcium and sulfur and organic acids

Used in all stages of plant life, from germination to harvest, and used in wide range of agricultural crops

Contains organic acids, that improves soil properties, encourages root growth, and increase nutrients availability

   and make good environment for beneficial microorganisms

Organic acids help increase ion exchange, which helps absorb nutrients and improves the water holding capacity of


Improves plant tolerance to difficult conditions such as drought and salinity

Increase the quantity and quality of production

Used for all crops including open field and green house Vegetables, field crops, fruit crops, ornamentals and turf.

Compatible with most pesticides used in vegetables fruits and field crops. However, for all mixes with chemicals the best is to do a small trial before use on a large scale. 

Keep out of reach of children

Note: Do not use in foliar spray,

Storage:  can be stored under unopened condition in original container. Opened packing should be resealed after its use.